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For the most part, the term 'traffic" when related to websites, is spoken to in a very generic manner.  Sales people who like to guarantee a first place position in search for example neglect to define the type of traffic that first position may bring to your website.

Looking at traffic in an analytics reports, you can easily see traffic trends.  But looking at a traffic and speaking in terms of traffic without paying attention to it's type is falling short on your goals.  Measuring the quality of traffic, not just the volume is essential and far more relevant to the efficiency of your overall goals of an optimized website that converts traffic to customers.

So what elements do we look at to determine if a website is getting the right kind of traffic?  The type that is actually important to any Renton business gathering more leads and closing more sales.   We look at things like Bounce Rate, Time on Site, Pages Per Session and other factors that identify the type, source and relevancy of the traffic coming to your pages. These Internet marketing metrics after we create and design a website with your company's goals in mind.

These factors and more all play a part on the conversion element of your online marketing strategy.  Without the right traffic in place, converting traffic to customers is very difficult.  

Traffic Goals

It is critical to identify at the start of a marketing campaign who your target audience is, what a qualified customer looks like to you and what the search volume for your marketing terms are.  Unless you are a business that survives only on generic high volume, low quality traffic, this cusotmer profile really needs to be addressed and understood.  There is a benefit to showing search engines you can have a fluid volume of traffic to your site.  There is also a detriment if that Renton Internet marketing traffic is not quality traffic.  Would you prefer one thousand unqualified visits in a week, or 100 qualified customers contacting you in a week?

Defining the goals, measuring the interactsions with your visitors and website and refining those when applicable all lead to success and more sales!  If you can't or don't know who to help answer those questions, we can help you find those answers.

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