Why is it called Proven Content?

First, lets start with a question.  Is the content you add to your website trackable?  Can you see who has landed on your website due to the newly published content you just created?  Would you like to see an email address and other information about who visits your website solely due to the content you just created?

On their own, Blogs have very beneficial elements to a companies website.  If done correctly, they can add much needed identify to a website.  If done consistently they can show search engines that a website is growing, likely providing quality information for its visitors.  These are solid and beneficial elements in content creation and digital marketing services our Renton Conversion SEO web agency can help with.  

Lets Talk About the Problems With Blogs

Writing new content for most companies has its challenges and they typically fall short in three areas.  
  1. They just don’t know what to write.  How do you write content that is catered to your customers so you can show value and how do you write to new potential customers so they take action?
  2. They don’t produce content constantly.  Lets be honest, you started your blog with the best of intentions.  As you look back, your last post was over three months ago or you only posted four times in the last year.  Producing consistent relevant content is a very common challenge.
  3. They don’t do anything with the content once its posted.  Maybe you do produce outstanding content but don’t know what to do with it once you have post it.  Social media sharing not getting you the traction you though it would?

The good news is this.  There are not only solutions for these very common issues, but solutions that are Proven, Trackable and Quick to drive new customers to your Renton website. As a national leading web agency and digital marketing provider based in Renton, our content creation solutions are guaranteed to increase quality traffic to your site.  

A Little Science Resulting In an Abundance of Results

Our Proven Content method really boils down to detail, understanding your client, precise targeting and utilizing tracking software that provides you with fresh leads and new opportunities in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Is this a content plan on steroids?  Maybe a little.  Is Proven Content right for your company?  Truth be told, It is not for everyone.  

If you are in a technical field, have a very specific niche or just due to the nature of your industry may struggle to figure out how to communicate your companies benefits to your market.  This very well could be the traffic driver you have been seeking.

If you would like to learn more about Proven Content plans, digital marketing, or content creation, contact our Renton web firm. Or if you want to learn how to drive more traffic to your website and how you can see quick, measureable results once implemented, complete the contact form below or call us directly.

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