Website Powertools, Analytics

by Dean Hawker on October 12, 2015

Hey everybody. Dean with Conversion SEO. I wanted to address a quick question today regarding what is the best tool that you should have applied to your website? Ironically, we see this more often than not. It's a little surprising that the word hasn't gotten out that if you're going to have a website, you need to have some type of analytic software installed on it. The reason is if you're serious about growing your online presence in any way, shape or form, you need a way to measure that performance. Analytic software is where you do that. There are pay for solutions. There are free solutions, such as Google Analytics. It's not extremely difficult to install, but feedback that you get, is invaluable.

It tells you how your site is performing. How many visits do you get on a daily basis, a weekly basis, a monthly basis. How many of those visits are legitimate. How many are bouncing off of your site once they get there, because maybe you're attracting the wrong type of visitor. The goal really is to try and match your content with the people that are searching for your services. This is the tool that helps you determine, one, if you're doing that, and two, if you're not doing it, how to best measure new methods of trying to actually get that process to sync up and work correctly.
I'll do some more videos basically breaking down what some of the functionality of, like, the Google Analytics actually is what the terminology means, and how it can help you create a road map for your upcoming marketing plans. If you have a website and you want to actually use it as a marketable tool, really get it to be exposed, find yourself on the first page, of the first could of spots on Google, in Bing, you're going to need some analytic software installed to use.

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