I'm Sharing This Because I'm Not Clueless

by Dean on February 19, 2015
Content creation is great and in rare moments, content sharing is better, when it supports the core of what your business does!  I came across this article a week or so ago which contains predictions trends for 2015.  To be specific, Four Communications Trends for 2015 as published atINC.com

Not only did I whole heartily agree with all four predictions, but I have to say, the first one I was a pleasant and shocking surprise.  What is this magical "trend" one speaks of?  SEO.  Yes, the often dreaded overused and misunderstood communication trend is SEO.  My only disappointment is the fact it is referred to as a trend and not a staple, or pillar or meaning of everything and everyones existence.

Reading how the author described his take on SEO in the coming year, I feel it should not only be published on this blog and on INC.com, but it should probably find its way into every print medium there is!  Here in his own words is the authors (Adam Fridman) take on the importance of SEO in 2015.

It may be too easy to start with the no-brainer answer. Search has been the non-optional tool for smart businesses for years now. But it's only going to get more and more important. Those businesses which can squeeze even the smallest advantage in search engine optimization will find a big return in their ability to find customers. Or, have customers find them. Either way.

As search engines become more complex and harder to game, the value of SEO experts will increase. But the question going forward may not be "Can I afford to engage an SEO expert?" to "Can I afford not to?"

As much as I would like to just say, yeah...that!  There is some insight to this statement thats not mentioned.  SEO is becoming more complex and the trends for local SEO appear to demanding more from local businesses.  The strategy for national campaigns and local campaigns are slowly become more similar than they are different.  

A quick look at a local competitive analysis in different industries reveal why some local businesses and larger companies thrive online while the others miss out on traffic that is literally looking for their services.  

Check out the rest of the article for the other three.  I would say that of the three remaining predictions, two of them if not all play a part in SEO.  Online optimization continues to add cogs and gears to its strategy profile.  It is much more than a technician on a computer, it is about a holistic marketing campaign.  Click here for the article.